Route 3: Cromwell Bridge

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The mayor of Mississauga, Canada is a badass. via

Hazel McCallion, everbody.

92 years old,

34 years in office,

$0 in debt

$700 million in reserve

Eight prime ministers

One truck.

But women aren’t strong leaders… OH WAIT.

Now I’m sure somebody’s gonna tell me something but

  • supports a Palestinian state
  • supports Aids CHarities
  • told her city well if we cant get money y’all need to pay taxes and maintains a 76 approval rating
  • nick named Hurricane Hazel
  • and is so boss lady that she don’t run she’ tells  folks to give that money to charity

I thought 

no one can be that awesome, no one

oops she is

Once my brother and I were driving to sushi and I was behind a car with the license plate MAYOR. “That’s weird,” I said and he freaked out. “SLOW DOWN. THAT’S HAZEL. SHE’S DANGEROUS,” he yelled. We pulled over so she could drive on ahead of us.  The next year the city took away her license and got her a driver.  

this is the best addition to this story i can imagine

I love the last tag on this story. HAZEL FOR POPE.

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Here is the video proof of my previous post about this officer forcing his way into my moms house (without legal documentation) and arresting my brothers friend without explanation. PLEASE REBLOG TO RAISE AWARENESS!!



Tip for future reference for anyone who might be watching this: keep the camera on the police at all times.

Isn’t it wild how police officers don’t care about what’s on camera or if what they’re doing is legal
It’s almost like they can’t get in trouble for their actions

god this is terrifying and awful i hope he’s alright

dead ass my heart was racing watching this

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